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About Us

  Hull Sales Company., Inc., founded in May 2007, is a family and locally owned company.  Our family has had numerous businesses over the years.  Brothers,Howard and Charlie Hull formed a partnership 70 years ago which founded Mt. Airy Tractor Co., Inc. and Hull Brothers Lumber Co., Inc.  Howard Hull and his sons Bill, Chad, and Brent continue to operate Hull Brothers Lumber Co., Inc. today.  Apart from the lumber company, the three brothers have additional individual  businesses.


  Bill Hull the oldest of the brothers, his wife Cathy, and their son Adam,  own Hull Sales Company., Inc. which focuses primarily on previously owned automobiles.  Hull Sales Company, Inc.  is  also  an authorized U-Haul dealers. Bill and Cathy purchased  the former Franklin Ruritan  Building Property located behind Hull Sales Company, Inc. and in 2014 began Mount Airy Self Storage.

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